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How Does Reflexology Work?

Getting results with reflexology is no different than getting results using any kind of exercise. With reflexology, the exercise is applied to pressure sensors of the feet and hands. The stimulus of pressure prompts a response in the body. If applied appropriately and sufficiently the response is one of health.

The feet and hands are important to the whole body. In case of danger, the feet participate in the overall body reaction commonly known as "fight or flight." In case of danger, the feet prepare to fight or flee. The hands make ready to reach for a weapon. In addition, the body gears its internal structures to provide the fuel for this overall body response. The sudden adrenal surge which enables a person to lift a car is an example of this reaction.

Pressure sensors in the feet are a part of the body's reflexive network that makes possible the "fight or flight" response. The foot's pressure sensors detect the ground under them. Changes underfoot cause changes in tension levels throughout the body. Lying down, sleeping, standing up, walking, sitting, running and playing - each activity calls for its proper internal alternations. The feet help the whole body adjust and change to meet the demands of the day.

By intentionally stimulating the pressure sensors in the feet, the body is influenced to behave in a better, more healthy manner. Reflexology is the application of such a program.

What Can Reflexology Do for You

For some sixty years, reflexologists have theorized about the physical effects resulting from reflexology. The mantra of the practice has been that reflexology relaxes tension, normalizes gland and organ function, and improves circulation. Recent research has shown that reflexology is a safe and effective practice when applied in a conscientious program of pressure techniques.

A survey of reflexology research shows that reflexology work not only achieves results in these areas but also helps in other ways: reduction of pain, improvement in effectiveness of medication, and avoiding side effects of drug therapy while achieving results.

What Reflexology Is Not

Reflexology is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Consult a medical professional for any health problem.

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